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Parking Fees

이 테이블은 고려대학교 주차요금 게시판입니다.
고려대학교 주차요금
Parking Hours
Up to 10 mins
Free of charge if vehicle leaves within 10 minutes of parking
over 10 min until 2hrs
KRW 500 / 10 mins
KRW 1,500 if parked for 30 mins
KRW 3,000 if parked for 1 hr
KRW 3,000 if parked for 2 hrs
over 2hrs min until 6hrs
KRW 1,000 / 10 mins
KRW 12,000 if parked for 3 hrs
KRW 18,000 if parked for 4 hrs
KRW 24,000 if parked for 5 hrs
KRW 30,000 if parked for 6 hrs
over 6hrs(until midnight)
KRW 30,000(maximum 1day rate)
parking hours count on a daily basis

Regular Parking Policy

  • PhD students, master’s students who are teaching/research assistants, and special graduate school students may apply for regular parking permits.
  • We will review the possibility of extending the availability of regular parking permits pending improved university parking conditions.

    For more information, please call the Parking Management Office (Liberal Arts & Social Sciences: 3290-1866, Natural Science: 3290-4362, Green Area: 920-5038)

  • If a student submits a medical report to the General Affairs Department, the Department will review the report and may issue a regular parking permit for an appropriate period.

    * Parking fee policy for graduate students

Parking Fees for Events

Fill out and confirm the “Purchase Request for Parking Discount Coupon” at the General Affairs Department (1st floor of the Main Hall) and purchase the coupon at the Parking Office.

※ Please attach relevant documents (invitation, pamphlet, etc.)

이 테이블은 고려대학교 행사 주차요금 안내 게시판입니다.
고려대학교 행사 주차요금 안내
Parking Hours
2 hours
KRW 2,000
4 hours
KRW 3,000
Full day
KRW 4,000
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