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게시판 -- 목록(갤러리)
Fiercely and effortlessly, once again legendary.
  • Writer : KU TODAY
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  • Date : 2023-06-23

If you remember how great basketball was at the National Basketball Festival in the 90s and the Ko-Yon Games where Joo-yup Hyun and Jang-hoon Seo clashed, you might feel that the basketball courts are too quiet these days. The KU basketball team, through sweat and dedication, have undoubtedly maintained its status as the strongest team in college basketball, and have launched a new golden age in 2023 with outstanding players, top coaching staff and dynamic teamwork. Aren’t you curious about the basketball team that blazes a trail dreaming of winning every match, shouting ‘We are Korea University, let’s go, let’s fight and win, hey Korea University, hey!’ I had the opportunity to meet with and listen to the stories of three athletes, who as college students attended classes in the afternoon and worked out in the evening in order to reach the top.

Moo-bin Park (Department of Physical Education ‘20), Min-su Yoo (Department of Physical Education ‘23), Dong-geun Lee (Department of Physical Education ‘23)

What were your first impressions as two freshmen joining the KU basketball team?

Dong-Geun Lee (hereafter DG): I came here because KU is such a strong team and there are many exceptional senior players. Upon arriving I could see that the seniors were full of passion and I was able to learn a lot. It was then that I was certain that it was a good choice to come to KU.

Min-su Yoo (hereafter MS): From the time I started playing basketball, I thought that KU was the best, so I watched a lot of KU games. The basketball style that’s unique to Korea University is so cool that I really wanted to come.

Moo-bin, what do you think about your reputation as the “spearhead of the revival of KU basketball”?

Moo-bin Park (hereafter MB): It is an honor. I want to be the captain who leads during the heyday of the KU basketball team, and to be worthy of that moniker.

What was the secret, if any, in going undefeated against Yonsei University last year?

무빈 In my freshman and sophomore years, after losing to Yonsei University, I was very angry and I cried, but the coach told me not to forget that feeling. I didn't want my juniors to feel such sorrow and anguish, so I was determined to set an example and run even more...

MB, how did you feel being the only college player to make the Asian Games basketball team reserve list along with Jeong-hyeon Moon (Department of Physical Education ‘20)

MB: I was ecstatic and proud. There were no other university players selected. Jeong-hyeon is an indispensable person who rejoices with me when I am happy and comforts me when I am down. We are like a needle and thread. (laughs)

“MB possesses amazing leadership qualities and has ice in his veins. His amazing clutch ability allows him to not be scared in extreme situations. (MS)

Minsu is handsome. (laughs) He is good at shooting and dribbling, and he can make baskets directly on the rebound (DG)

DG is quick to understand things. The fact that he only started playing basketball in his second year of high school and was accepted into Korea University is proof of his tremendous athletic ability.” (MB)

Isn’t it difficult to balance study and sports??

MS: I listen attentively when I am in class and focus on my workouts when I am exercising.

DG: There are many assignments and many things to do. I don't know what to do yet, so I'm thinking of asking the seniors and learning from them.

MB: Trying to meet deadlines is mentally burdensome, so I feel more comfortable when I receive an assignment and finish it within 2-3 days. Now that I have come to Korea University, I think that I have to study to live up to its name.

Do you have a favorite senior player??

MB: : I want to mold my game after Seung-hyun Lee. He led the basketball team at Korea University during its heyday, and his affection for the school is so great that he is still nicknamed the alpha tiger. I want to become a player like him because he is doing very well in the pros right now.

DG: I want to be like Lee Woo-seok Lee, who is tall and has the ability to quickly attack opponents and manage games.

MS: I want to become a player who contributes to the team by actively participating in defense and breaking up play, like Seong-gon Moon.

What unique features of KU basketball would you most boast about?

MS: Above all, I like that the seniors treat us well off the basketball court and have commanding presences.

DG: In KU, it feels like all the team members are tightly united, so I get the feeling that it's a 'real team.

MB: There are seniors who love and support you just because you come from KU. The head coach outlines offensive and defensive strategies, and the coaches teach detailed techniques and situations, and take care of you and guide you very well.

Please share what your mindset is going forward.

DG: All matches are important, but if you come to Korea University, you must win the Ko-Yon games. We will work hard together to win no matter what.

MS: I really want to do my best if I play in the Ko-Yon match. I hope many people will come to see and support us, like last year.

MB: We want to play fast with an up-tempo attack, building on a strong defense. Unlike last year, I would like us to go undefeated in winning the college basketball league championship. Now that I am in my senior year, I want to gain a victory that will go down in the history of my alma mater before I go out into the world.

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