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Korea University's π-Ville 99 received a Minister's Prize at “Th...
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  • Date : 2020-11-12

Korea University's π-Ville 99 received a Minister's Prize at
“The Good Place Awards 2020”

π-Ville 99 is highly regarded for being a space that is open to communication with society, instead of being like a closed ivory tower exclusive to a specific university.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism selected and announced six standout places in Korea.

파이빌 전경

Korea University's π-Ville 99 has won the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Minister’s Prize offered by The Good Place Awards, which are run by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.


The Ministry, under the auspices of Minister Park, Yang-woo, in partnership with the Korean Institute of Architects, recently announced the winners of the ‘The Good Place Awards 2020’ in order to increase public interest in insightful and exciting living spaces and to improve the quality of people’s cultural life.

The President's Prize was won by ‘1216 Uju-ro’ in Jeonju-si, and the Prime Minister’s Prize (which is the runner-up prize), by ‘Jeon-il Building 245’ in Geumnam-ro, Gwangju.

A total of 35 projects recommended by local governments, public organizations, and the private sector across the country went through document screening and on-site inspections by a judging committee composed of relevant experts, under the leadership of Chairman Han, Man-won. The judging committee selected a total of 6 award-winning projects on the basis of a comprehensive assessment of several criteria, such as ▲ the extent to which a project realized the unique cultural value of the space ▲ the degree to which it planned the space in order to foster cultural creativity ▲ the extent to which various stakeholders were included in the process.


파이빌 전경

π-Ville 99 was selected for the Minister’s Prize, which is awarded to a space whose unique cultural value was autonomously created by local residents. π-Ville 99 is comprised of multiple shipping containers, and the judges assessed that the space made the most of the containers' characteristics by recycling them, and developed an open and flexible space for young entrepreneurs and startups. They were also highly appreciative of the university’s open space for startups, which enables π-Ville 99 to interact with society rather than being hermetically sealed from the wider world.


It will be awarded the prize at the 15th The Good Place Awards ceremony, scheduled to be held on Wednesday November 11th at the “2020 KIA Convention & Exhibition”. Visual materials, including photos and videos of π-Ville 99 and other spaces selected as winners, will be exhibited online during the event.


Based on the design of UIA Director Wi, Jin-bok, SG Shinsung E&C constructed and completed π-Ville 99 in September 2016. Kim, Ja-young, a professor at the Department of Architecture, Korea University, and Lee, Kwang-ho, a designer, completed the basic concept of connecting the college to the society beyond by utilizing recycled street furniture and kerbside signage.

Sid Chung, Village Chief of KU Pioneer Village, said, "I would like to express my gratitude to the architecture, facility, general affairs and communications teams, and the people working at ground level on the startup-related teams who have been partnering with Korea University for more than a year on the container construction project, which embodies the innovative spirit and traditions of Korea University. Together with the students who use the space, I will strive to continue developing π-Ville to fulfill its maximum potential.”




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