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Charter of Ethics

Code of Ethics for Faculty

The faculty of Korea University, as scholars seeking truth and creating knowledge, as educators fostering talent necessary for the nation and humanity, and as members of the university community and civil society, shall uphold this Code of Ethics.

First, all faculty, guided by the deep conviction of the ideals and values requisite for the advancement of knowledge, shall engage in creative research activities. They shall practice intellectual honesty and integrity, exercise critical self-discipline and respect both the freedom of inquiry and the diversity of academic exploration.

Second, all faculty shall dedicate themselves to teaching and advising students. They shall demonstrate respect for students as individuals, shall not discriminate among them, and shall endeavor to protect their freedom of learning and thought. They shall strive to ensure that their assessments of students are fair and recognize the value of their scholarly assistance.

Third, all faculty shall uphold and defend the honor and commonwealth of the university. They shall observe the stated regulations of the university, provided said regulations do not contravene academic freedom, and cooperate with the university administration. All faculty shall place priority on their responsibilities within the university when considering undertaking activities external to the university.

Fourth, as members of academia, all faculty shall respect the academic freedom of colleagues and strive to be objective and fair in their evaluation of colleagues’ academic achievements. They shall not discriminate against, defame, or harass colleagues.

Fifth, as members of society, all faculty possess the right to express their opinions on various social issues and participate in political activity outside of the classroom. In so doing, however, they shall preserve their conscience and dignity as scholars. When they speak or act as individuals, they shall avoid creating the impression of speaking or acting on behalf of their department, division, college, school, institute or university.

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