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KU’s school song, heard at nine
every morning resounding from the clock tower of the College of
Liberal Arts building, was announced to celebrate KU’s 50th anniversary
in May 1955. The lyrics were written by Ji-Hoon Cho,
a member of the famous coterie of
poets called the Cheongnokpa and a KU professor at that time.

The poet was also well known for the poem Seungmu (Buddhist Dance) in which every
line contained liberty, justice and truth, the three words
representing KU’s spirit. The music was written by Isang Yun,
a promising young composer at that time.

KU’s School Song
KU’s School Song

Lyrics by Cho Ji-hoon
Music by Yun Isang

1. Gaze at the edifice standing tall at the foot of Bukak Mountain.
See the light spreading to the hills of Anam.
The stone tower is built tall with the spirit and devotion of the people.
This is the hall of liberty, justice and truth.
2. Waves of hearts longing for liberty.
Conviction for justice. Burning devotion.
Honoring the wishes, the ideal rises high.
This is the light of liberty, justice and truth.
3. The quiet woods are the cradle of our dreams.
The wide fields are the root of our power.
The spirit held tight both by those entering and moving onward.
This is the road of liberty,
justice and truth.
Korea University,
Korea University,
hometown of my heart. Korea University,
Korea University, shine forever.

Play : Korea University Orchestra
Chorus : Korea University Choir

고려대학교 교가

조지훈 작사
윤이상 작곡

가사 1절

북악산기슭에 우뚝 솟은 집을 보라
안암의 언덕에 퍼져 나는 빛을 보라
겨례의 보람이요 정성이 뭉쳐 드높이 쌓아올린
공든탑 자-유 정의 진리의 전당이 있다
고려대학교 고려대학교 마음의 고향
고려대학교 고려대학교 영원히 빛난다

연주 : 고려대학교 관현악단
합창 : 고려대학교 합창부

KU’s School Song mp3 downloadListen to the Music 고려대학교 교가 단성부 악보 보기 고려대학교 교가 4성부 악보 보기

Symphony for Liberty, Justice and Truth
The “Symphony for Freedom, Justice and Truth (also the Symphony for Korea University)”

Is a masterpiece, composed by prominent Russian
composer Alexey Larin, who took around two years,
including several months spent at KU,
to compose it. Dedicated to the Korea University centennial,
the symphony was debuted by the KU Orchestra, an entirely amateur student
organization, at the Centennial Anniversary Concert of Korea University,
staged at the Seoul Arts Center on September 11, 2005. Following
the third movement with the melody of a song in praise of makgeolli,
the fourth movement of the piece, through the theme of the alma mater song composed
by Isang Yun, represents the nostalgic feelings cherished by
the KU community toward the University, the hometown of their hearts.

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