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Club Activities

Club activities to support dreams, love and romance

Student club activities are often considered the gem of campus life. Joining others who share similar hobbies, interests and talents and growing together are an essential pleasure in KU life. There are over 150 clubs on the Seoul and Sejong campuses including the 80 clubs on the Seoul campus focused on society, social sciences, life and culture, exhibitions and creative art, language studies, performance art, religion, and sports, as well as the 20 clubs on the Aegineung (Science Cluster) for culture and sports, society and religion, performance art, and scientific research.

  • 1.Club Association
    Student Union Building #325

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  • 2.Aegineung Club Association
    Aegineung Student Union Building #316

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  • 3.Sejong Club Association
    Sejong Student Union Building #313

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