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The Moment Your Brain Gets Wrinkled—Board Game Club ‘Wrinkles in...
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  • Date : 2023-12-19

Sound Mind, Sound Body Moment
The Moment Your Brain Gets Wrinkled
Board Game Club ‘Wrinkles in the Brain’
보드게임을 올려둔 테이블을 둘러싸고 웃고 있는 '뇌의주름' 회원 네 명

The club room of Korea University's board game club ‘Wrinkles in the Brain' is always crowded. This club, which has over 150 members, brings together a variety of people, from freshmen to graduates, to enjoy board games together. It allows people to have fun and exercise their brains together, whether they know each other or not.


보드게임 '스플랜더'의 보드와 토큰

Tokens and board for the Splendor game

Please introduce ‘Wrinkles in the Brain.’

Hangyeol It is Korea University’s only board game club. Whenever we have free time, we gather in the club room and play board games. We meet regularly twice a week, but we play board games virtually all week long. There are many people who are serious about board games (laughs). We buy new games with the membership fees we collect each semester. The most common MBTI Personality Type in our club is INTP, someone with Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting personality traits. The male to female ratio is 6.5:3.5.

When is the moment that your brain gets wrinkled while playing a board game?

Kyeongik I think it's when the plan you devised is ruined or you have no idea what choice to make.

Wooseok Strategy games like Euro game (European board game) with complex mechanics take three to four hours per round. Predicting your opponent's moves for a long period of time tires your brain. It’s like when your muscles feel sore after an intense workout.

테이블에 앉아 웃으며 앞을 바라보는 뇌의주름 회원 네 명

What is your favorite board game and why?

Hangyeol I like ‘Ark Nova,’ which is a game where you become a zoo operator and create a zoo that many people visit. It was so popular that the club held an Arc Nova competition last summer.

Jehyeon I like ‘Nemesis.’ This is a game where you fight against aliens and achieve your goals. You don't know whether each player is a collaborator or competitor. The sharp battle of wits is the fun of this game. If you are a board game beginner, I’d like to recommend a game called ‘Coffee Rush,’ which is fun because it's easy yet challenging.

Wooseok My favorite game, ‘Everdell’, is one where animals help their own tribes prosper. Everyone from beginners to experts can enjoy it in terms of the level of difficulty and time required.

Seonjeong I would recommend 'Arkham Horror: The Card Game.' The game's story is interesting and it's a lot of fun to build your decks.

What makes ‘Wrinkles in the Brain’ a good club?

Seonjeong Even after graduation, club members remain in contact with each other and have a strong sense of belonging. In the club room, there is always someone to play board games with you. That's why we call each other ‘human compo,’ which is short for a component of a board game. (laughs)

Sarang I've never seen a club with as many board games as ours!

Kyeongik I used to be very shy, but after joining the board game club, I’ve become more outgoing.



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