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게시판 -- 목록(갤러리)
Korean Drawing Club, Building Layers of Unique Colors
  • Writer : KU TODAY
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  • Date : 2024-02-08

KU Life
Ha-yeong, Noh (Department of Linguistics, ‘20),
Jeong-min, Moon (Department of Korean History, ‘21),
Jin Yoo (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, ‘19)
Muncbator Baegal (Division of International Studies, ‘21)

Korean Drawing Club,
Building Layers of Unique Colors

한국화회 동아리방 테이블 위에서 작업하는 부원들

We asked some club members about their views on painting.


수묵화를 위해 먹에 붓을 담그는 손


What are the differences between Korean paintings and other paintings?

Jin Yoo: In Korean painting, black paints are never used. Instead, we use ink sticks. Red paints are called by a special name, ‘Hobun.’ While watercolor paintings in Western culture are created with paints dissolved in water and in different gradations, to create Korean paintings we apply a layer of paint and dry it completely before we add more paint on top of it.

Jeong-min: If colors in Western paintings are vivid and realistic, those in Korean paintings can be described as transparent, can’t they? They seem to reflect what is deep inside rather than what we can see with our eyes.

What are the unique charms that Korean paintings have?

Jeong-min: If you make a mistake, you cannot cover it with other paint. So, if you find something that you don’t like in your painting, you must start it again from scratch. I like those moments when I have to consider whether I should change the painting to the way I would like it or change the way I see it.

Ha-yeong: Our painting teacher in our regular course always told us that ‘there’s no botched painting’. Even if I had a line that was drawn in the wrong direction, I had to admit my mistake and try to complete the painting anyway by using the line to develop something else, or by taking it as a chance to make the painting more unique. I practiced on that a lot.

전시회 공간에서 바닥에 둥글게 앉아 카메라를 보는 부원들

I wonder what type of paintings that you are particularly fond of.

Ha-yeong: I like colorful paintings. After sketching is done, it takes quite a long time for you to complete the painting, as colors should be layered one by one. I enjoy the entire process of enriching the painting with multiple colors.

If you were to recommend the Korean Drawing Club to someone who might consider joining, what are its merits that you’d like to point out?

Jin Yoo: I think our community has thrived for such a long time because no one forces anyone to come to the club room. You can come whenever you want and draw as much as you want. In addition, we have some of the books provided by our senior members such as ‘How to make brush strokes’ at our club room. We often take them off the shelves and learn more about painting techniques.

Baegal: The ambience here is very comfortable, and those who are exhausted from studying come and sit down together to draw something they like, such as cats or flowers. This is why I have remained with this club for longer than I have with other student clubs.



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