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Wind Instrument Club, A Golden Melody with a 100-Year Tradition ...
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  • Date : 2024-02-08

KU Life
Seok-ho Moon (Department of English Language Education, ‘22),
Dae-hyun Kim (Department of Cyber Defense, ‘22),
Yoo-jin Noh (Department of Food and Resource Economics, ‘22),
Ye-rin Park (Department of Data Science, ’22; Club Leader)

Wind Instrument Club, A Golden Melody
with a 100-Year Tradition Starting at Bosung College

각자의 악기를 들고 연습실에서 포즈를 취하는 관악부원들

At the end of each semester, KU Seoul Campus is filled with magnificent and shiny wind instruments as the Wind Instrument Club holds its regular concert after semester-long preparations involving four hours of practicing together every week. The Wind Instrument Club at Korea University, boasting more than 100 years of history going back to Bosung College in the 1920s, plays a key role in bringing beautiful harmony to the campus, where a College of Music does not exist.


유포늄을 부는 부원의 모습


Would you introduce your instrument?

Dae-hyun: Saxophones have a variety of tones. They are very versatile and capable of playing many roles even within one genre, allowing players to have different experiences.

Yoo-jin: Tubas are the biggest instruments. The stronger players are, the better and easier they can play tubas, but anyone can try and learn.

Seok-ho: I play a euphonium, which has lower tones than other wind instruments. Euphoniums are often confused with tubas, but they are smaller in size. I think they are like rare treasures.

Ye-rin: Clarinets, categorized as woodwind instruments, make sounds through their reed vibrations. As they are made of wood, special care with them is necessary. Clarinets can make beautiful high-pitched tones, but they are also as powerful as brass instruments.

I wonder how you became interested in wind instruments.

Yoo-jin: I used to play a flute, and I joined the Wind Instrument Club to keep doing so. After I learned the tuba, though, I changed my instrument.

Dae-hyun: A friend of mine, who played at a wind instrument student club when he was in middle school, introduced me to a club where I learned how to play a saxophone for the first time.

Seok-ho: When I saw the wind instrument club playing our school song at the entrance ceremony in my middle school, I decided to join the club right away. I asked them to assign me to an instrument that no one played, and that was how I started playing a euphonium.

2023년 정기연주회 단체사진

I heard that even if you cannot play an instrument, you can still apply to join the club. Is there any secret to help a new member with no musical background learning instruments?

Yoo-jin: The point is that you should not miss the group practice sessions. It all depends on how many hours you practice.

Ye-rin: We also have separate practice sessions for each instrument. Our senior members or those who are good at playing instruments join in the practice sessions in order to help us.

Are there memorable moments from the club activities?

Seok-ho: I had to play solo at our concert for the first time in my life, but I was terrible in terms of the tune, the beat, and everything. When we had our practice camp, our teacher even said, “If you can play decently 5 times out of 10, then I will let you take the solo part. Otherwise, it will be done by your senior.” I felt an urge not to let myself down. I succeeded in playing well 6 times out of 10 and in keeping the solo part.

Can you recommend any song that is fun to listen to among those you’ve played recently?

Ye-rin: We mostly play classical music, but for our last regular concert, we made jazz the theme of the 2nd part and played the songs of some of the big names in jazz. Among them, I particularly enjoyed playing ‘Satchmo!’, a medley of the popular songs of Louis Armstrong. Our concert video has also been uploaded to our YouTube channel, so please check it out!

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