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게시판 -- 목록(갤러리)
Korea University Social Media: Where Our Stories Come Together
  • Writer : KU TODAY
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  • Date : 2024-02-08

Student Photographers,
Student Reporters
and New Media Supporters
of the Communications Team

Korea University Social Media: Where Our Stories Come Together

고려대학교 SNS팀 전원이 본관 앞에 앉아 카메라를 보고 웃는 모습

Korea University’s social media accounts vividly convey what goes on at Korea University every day. The passion of the student reporters, photographers, and new media supporters of the Communications Team is what makes it possible for news from all over campus to be updated in real time. Subscribing, liking, and turning on notifications are ways of supporting them and encouraging them to keep up the good work. Let's hear the stories of these students who create content with pride and affection for Korea University.

We Still Find New Things on Campus Every Day

카메라를 함께 들여다보는 학생 사진기자들

Student Photographers
Yoo Jin-hee (Statistics, ‘20)
and Hwang Yong-bin (Public Administration, ‘20)

학생 사진기자들이 돌계단에 앉아서 웃고 있는 모습

Yong-bin and Jin-hee are student photographers who take pictures of campus events and scenery. Most of the beautiful school photos that are uploaded to Korea University’s social media accounts are their work.

How did you become a student photographer?

Yong-bin: I happened to see a recruitment notice when the COVID-19 pandemic was coming to an end. I have always enjoyed taking pictures and I wanted to capture the beauty of the school, so I applied. I want to become a diplomat in the future and take pictures of countries all over the world to introduce them to our people through social media.

Jin-hee: I saw a friend who was a photojournalist and thought it was a fun and meaningful activity. I will be getting a job in statistics based on my major, but I still want to continue taking pictures.


Is there any online content you would like to let people know about?

Yong-bin: There is a video titled "Walking into Korea University”, which introduces campus spaces that have been generally overlooked or are off the beaten track, such as the Classical Music Listening Room, the Biotope, the College of Life Sciences Greenhouse, and the Sky Garden of the Korea University Research and Business Cooperation Building. I wanted to let people know that there are still unfamiliar spaces on campus that we do not notice, and that these hidden spaces are also beautiful.

What are the joys or difficulties of being a photographer?

Yong-bin: I like the fact that I can constantly learn about photography. I can feel my skills improving as I take pictures of various subjects in a range of environments. I also got my photography license this year. The difficulty is that I have to quickly adjust the camera settings to different environments to take good photos, and I have to keep my concentration throughout extended events to capture key moments.

Jin-hee: I find it interesting to learn about the administrative side of the school through my photography. I also get to do many different types of shoots that would be difficult to experience under other circumstances, which all adds to my experience as a photographer. However, it is really tiring to carry a heavy camera for long periods of time outside. When shooting Ipselenti or the Ko-Yon Games, I have to bring a telephoto lens and keep carrying it around at all times to make sure I don’t lose it. It can be really tough if the space is too large or the weather is too hot or cold.


Don't Miss Out on Korea University's Helpful Tips and Hidden Charms

SK미래관 1층에서 컴퓨터를 함께 보는 학생 홍보기자들

Student Reporters
Park Gun-young (Media Communications, ‘18)
and Lee Jang-ho (Media Communications, ‘19)

학생 홍보기자들이 의자에 앉아있는 모습

Gun-young and Jang-ho are student reporters. They create “card news” (news abridged into several slides for quick and easy reads) for Instagram, Facebook and blogs, and cover campus events.

What motivated you to apply for the student reporter positions?

Gun-young: I want to become a producer, so I thought it would be helpful to have working experience as a student reporter. I am trying to tell stories in a way that is not only informative but also entertaining for students and alumni.

Jang-ho: I was recommended by a friend. I started without much hesitation because I had experience creating content on social media while working at KTN, the central broadcasting station of Korea University. I want to introduce the unique charms of Korea University to middle and high school students who are interested in the school. After graduation, I want to become a journalist who delivers information that people need, just like I do now.


Can you share a memorable episode you experienced during your work?

Gun-young: I like to spice things up with kitsch elements (laughs). I once created content that looked at the types of garbage in trash cans in different places on campus. I remember feeling worried about people seeing me as I rummaged through trash cans and took pictures of what was inside.

Jang-ho: It takes a lot of time to find new items to write about, so it's not easy, but I like the fact that I can hear the stories of many students in the process. Sometimes, even though I tell everyone that I do interviews, I feel like what I do is just hearing funny stories here and there.

What have you learned so far as you have been working as student reporters?

Gun-young: I realized how important it is to create a space where people can share and communicate their opinions. So I am constantly referring to others’ comments and thinking about ways to elicit more.

Jang-ho: I used to be too focused on online reactions, such as likes and comments, to see what kind of content the public likes. But now I also look at what kinds of content that the official accounts of other schools are dealing with too.

Are there any spots on campus that you recommend going to?

Gun-young: Ari Cafe in the Media Hall. It is not only affordable, but I am grateful that it has always been there for me throughout the entire time I studied here at Korea University, whether I was struggling or happy.

Jang-ho: The cafeteria in the Sudang Samyang Faculty House behind the International House. It is open to everyone and the view from it is beautiful, so I highly recommend it.


Comments and likes are a great source of motivation

카메라를 보고 포즈를 취하는 뉴미디어 서포터즈

New Media Content Creators
Kang Ji-won (Public Administration, ‘21)
and Park Seon-young (Media Communications, ‘22)

뉴미디어 서포터즈가 서로의 사진을 찍어주는 모습

Ji-won and Seon-young are new media content creators who make long-form and short-form videos to be posted on YouTube and Instagram accounts. Usually, three people form a team to plan, shoot, and edit the content, and reflect on feedback in order to complete the final video.

Was there a reason you wanted to become content creators?

Ji-won: I had worked at the campus broadcasting station and was looking for an opportunity to make videos when I saw the recruitment announcement. I was attracted to the fact that the video format allowed for a lot of discretion and that the videos would be uploaded to the official Korea University YouTube channel. I hope that more students who watch my videos will come to love Korea University and that after watching them graduates will be even prouder of Korea University.

Seon-young: I majored in media studies, so I thought it was an opportunity to use what I had learned in a meaningful way.


What was the content you found most enjoyable to create?

Ji-won: The lookbook and dance video I made for the Korea University Costume Reform Project. This project was an idea I had off the cuff, and I was worried about how it would go, but thanks to my friends from middle school who are majoring in costume design, I was able to do it well.

Seon-young: I met students who were full of energy and fun during an interview where they predicted the result of the Ko-Yon Games. They even sang the cheering songs in a loud voice to the dance routines, so it was really fun to shoot.

Have you experienced any changes in your thinking as content creators?

Ji-won: I got into the habit of analyzing YouTube channels. Through this process, I think I am getting to know the preferred types of content and the styles that attract the public. Also, when I see videos on other schools’ YouTube channels that I think are made by students, I feel a sense of camaraderie and I end up clicking the "like" button.

Seon-young: The biggest change is that I started to think about the target audience of videos. Identifying a target audience and considering what that group would be curious about and what they would be interested in is a very important factor in the success of the content!

Any tips on KU campus life you would like to give?

Ji-won: I take a nap or work on my projects on the stairs on the 3rd floor of SK Future Hall when I don’t have classes. There are many students lying down and relaxing, so I don't have to worry about what anyone will think of me lying down there.

Seon-young: I take a nap or work on my projects on the stairs on the 3rd floor of SK Future Hall when I don’t have classes. There are many students lying down and relaxing, so I don't have to worry about what anyone will think of me lying down there.



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