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2024 IEEE ICASSP, an International Academic Conference in the Fi...
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  • 일 자 : 2024-05-20

2024 IEEE ICASSP, an International Academic Conference in the Field of AI Core Technologies, Successfully Completed:
Professor Ko Han-seok (School of Electrical Engineering)  

Iserves as the chairman of the organizing committee of the 2024 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing



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▲ Professor Ko Han-seok (School of Electrical Engineering)



The 2024 IEEE ICASSP, one of the world’s largest academic events, was successfully held under the leadership of Professor Ko Han-seok (School of Electrical Engineering), who served as the organizing committee chairman.

More than 4,400 scientists and professionals from around the world attended the 2024IEEE ICASSP, held at the COEX Convention Center in Seoul from April 14 (Sunday) to April 19 (Friday), 2024, to discuss the latest research findings and future research directions in the field of AI technology.

Approximately 6,700 papers were submitted to this conference, and in addition to the selected academic presentations there were also various other programs, including keynote speeches by respected overseas scholars, tutorials, workshops, and exhibitions. Global companies such as Hyundai Motors, Samsung Research, Meta, Google, Apple, Sony, Amazon, and Alibaba also participated in this event and shared the latest trends and innovative ideas in the field of AI technology.

A distinctive feature of this year’s conference was the inclusion of various corporate participation programs, such as the Entrepreneurship Forum, Industry Plenary Talks, the Innovation Forum, and the Industry Workshop, the aim of which was to strengthen the link between academia and industry. Senior people from Google and Korean companies NCSOFT and Samsung Research delivered keynote speeches and left a great impression on participants.

The Chairman of the organizing committee Professor Ko Han-seok said, “The 2024 ICASSP held in Seoul, Korea was a meaningful opportunity for scientists and companies from around the world to get together and share the latest trends in the audio, video, and signal processing fields and to discuss future directions.” He added, “I am sure that this conference has contributed to the promotion of the development of AI technology and the strengthening of cooperation and networks among participants.”

The 2024 IEEE ICASSP, one of the largest international academic conferences in the field of AI core technologies, succeeded in providing new inspiration and ideas to participants by offering a venue for international cooperation and knowledge exchange in this field. This was the first ICASSP conference held in Korea. It is expected that the ICASSP conference will continue to play an important role in the development and spread of AI technology in the future.



IEEE ICASSP 2024 단체사진

▲ 2024 IEEE ICASSP Group Photo

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